Fracking: Is It Worth It?

Fracking - Full [Reduced}

What is Fracking?

Fracking - or hydraulic fracturing as it is sometimes known - is a process of extracting fossil fuels locked in rock formations thousands of metres below the Earth's surface.

A mixture of water, sand and chemicals is injected deep underground at high pressure to fracture the rocks and release the shale gas or shale oil.

Why do we oppose Fracking?

Theresa May’s government is trying to tell us that Fracking will make our energy bills cheaper. The problem is that the facts are just not in their side.

Even Cuadrilla – one of the largest fracking companies - admits it will have a minimal impact on consumer energy bills.

But that’s not the main reason, Fracking will damage our environment.

Our water

Every fracked well uses millions of litres of water and risks polluting water supplies.

The flowback liquids contain toxic chemicals, heavy metals & radioactive elements. The Environment Agency found, that flow-back from the Lancashire shale contained “notably high levels of sodium, chloride, bromide and iron, as well as higher values of lead".

In addition to this, very few water treatment plants are equipped to handle high volumes of this polluted wastewater.

Our Air

Water is trucked in and wastewater has to be trucked out. The large lorries that do this release more harmful air pollution into the local area. 

Our Health

The waste fluid from Fracking contains an unknown number of carcinogen chemicals and is a serious threat to our health.

It impacts on the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Our climate

Shale gas is not a solution for our energy future. It is just one of the many fossil fuels that need to stay in the ground and is distraction from our need to turn to renewable energy.

Caroline Lucas

“Fracking is a dirty, expensive and dangerous gamble with our environment, security and economy. We should be choosing an energy system powered by the renewable sources that we have in abundance and keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

Caroline Lucas MP

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